The Concept 10 10 method of training is unlike anything most people have tried before

exer7Paradoxically, it is both amazingly fast and very, very slow.

Although you will complete a total body strength training session in about 20 minutes, you will perform each exercise with exquisite slowness.

This technique will take each muscle that is worked, to a state of complete exhaustion in just a few repetitions. Doing so sets off numerous metabolic changes that grow the muscles, strengthen the bones, signal the body to burn more fat, and increase the muscle´s ability to draw oxygen from the blood, thus providing optimal cardiopulmonary fitness in addition to strength.

Jorgen Albrechtsen, President and CEO of Concept 10 10, Inc. explains the training Concept of 10 10 in those words and he is convinced that the Concept 10 10 way of exercising is the future for those who want results and personal attention and where time is a major issue.

We asked him “Why not just do jogging, aerobics or some other conventional activity ?”

His answer was pretty thought provoking:

“If you are out of shape and begin to jog, for example, you´ll strengthen your thighs, calves, hips and abdomen, but not the rest of your muscles and bones. The Concept 10 10 program strengthens these same muscles along with all the rest – to a much, much greater degree, and in about one tenth the time. So if it is strength you are looking for as you grimly jog mile after mind-numbing mile three or four times a week to stay fit, why not save your ankles, hips, knees, and back, and spend less than thirty minutes a week doing Concept 10 10 instead ? Not only will you get stronger faster and more safely, you´ll also have the 3-4 hours you saved to do something you truly enjoy.”

“The same applies if you are playing tennis, racquetball, basketball, aerobics, or any other sport a couple of times a week just to stay in shape (or to get in shape) and not really for the enjoyment of the game, drop it; spend a fraction of that time doing Concept 10 10 (without risk of a whole series of injuries) and spend the rest of your time doing whatever it is you truly enjoy, which may not be an athletic activity at all. But if you do love the sport you play, your added strength and stamina from doing Concept 10 10 is sure to improve your performance.

Aerobics does more harm than good too:  Aerobics does little to change your body composition because it not only fails to burn much fat, build muscle mass, or boost your metabolism, it also puts traumatic pressure and wear on your joints and tendons that they were never designed to take.

Physiologists are starting to warn that the current generation of compulsive cardio trainers may be setting themselves up for an epidemic of chronic joint and connective tissue injuries as they get older. A large percentage of regular joggers develop a serious joint or tissue injury over the course of 3 years. What´s the point of keeping your muscles in shape while you´re young, if you´ll have to use a cane to get up the stairs in 10 years ? The point is, we need exercise that wears out our muscles each workout – not our joints and connective tissues.”

“Concept 10 10 is a form of exercise that has been shown to provide all the benefits you seek from an exercise program in twenty minutes a week, with negligible risk of injury. It is a revolutionary form of exercise that far exceeds the benefits of almost any other kind of exercise you can think of. Concept 10 10 will change the way you think about exercise forever. Exercise will never be the same again !”