Progression and Intensity – The first training session

The first training session mostly focuses on the techniques and defining an approximate resistance for the member. Finding the right weight may take a few training sessions. Therefore, the member ought not to get disappointed over the lack of intensity in the first training session. It will occur when techniques and the correct weights have been clearly defined. However, it shouldn’t take more than 3 (max 4) sessions.


Once resistance, technique and intensity are in place, the member should not train more than once a week, as the muscles need time to regenerate. By more frequent training with maximum intensity, the body will not be allowed the time required to regenerate. Normally it takes 5-8 days for the muscles to recover with the intensity applied for training with Concept 10 10.

But if the training is carried out with a lower intensity, training twice a week might be preferable, although never as good as once a week with higher intensity.

Some members, however, cannot manage to reach such high intensity levels and it may be an advantage for them to train twice a week.

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