Corporate Membership

Concept 10 10 is completely different. This is not a fitness center!

We specialize in genuine, scientifically-based, high-intensity physical training. The time spent training is very short – only 20 minutes per week! All equipment will be adjusted especially for you before you arrive. A personal instructor will assist you from start to finish each time you train. No one else will be using the equipment. There will be no waiting time and no distractions. The climate at our training facilities is cool and air-conditioned to maximize your body’s efficiency. Another advantage of this is that there is no need to shower after training. But don’t be fooled – you’ll feel a real difference after a Concept 10 10 training session!

If your employees are fit, your company will be in better shape too!

Today, most of us acknowledge that a higher level of physical fitness delivers immediate results in terms of increased well-being, enhanced ability to work and fewer days off sick. Our claim is that if your employees are fit, then your company will be in better shape too!

This also means that it is very important for a company to take an interest in the way in which its employees look after themselves. 20 minutes per week spent receiving personal and private training at Concept 10 10 yields maximum physical strength, cardiovascular fitness and body function. Our existing clients are very happy to testify to the truth behind these claims. Just take a look at this testimonial:

Christina_Corporate MembershipWe have been part of a Concept 10 10 corporate membership since 2006. It seems to us that when you feel good about your body and you are in good physical shape, you’ll also feel better going about your daily work. You’ll feel more energetic, have fewer days off sick, and overall your performance will be a lot better, no matter what kind of work you do. The great advantage of the Concept 10 10 training is that it is fast and efficient. It fits into any schedule, no matter how irregular your working hours, because you are not committed to training at fixed times. Also the fact that the training is intense and only requires a short session makes it much easier to combine this with a busy schedule than most other activities. Concept 10 10 always manage to motivate our employees to achieve optimum results, and all our participants are very happy with the arrangement.

Christina Jardorf , Attorney
Company: ACCURA

Corporate agreements offers great savings

Our fees are calculated as separate offers based on the requirements and wishes of each company. The main decisive factors in pricing are the number of participants in the arrangement and the agreed period of membership. The more participants and the longer the membership, the better price you will get.

Many companies decide to cover part or all of the employee membership fees, while others choose only to pay on behalf of the staff and then deduct the amount from their salaries on a monthly basis. Others again choose to collect the full amount from their employees as soon as a payment has been made to Concept 10 10.

Members who are part of a corporate arrangement are entitled to each bring one outside member, who will be entitled to the same terms as the corporate participants. Memberships are valid in all Concept 10 10 centers at home and abroad.

A popular staff benefit

Experience shows that the majority of employees, men and women alike, are pleased to receive an offer like this, both in this country and abroad. After all, most of us do feel guilty that we’re not getting enough exercise, and perhaps we’ve put on a bit of weight over the years. A Concept 10 10 corporate membership gives your employees the chance to take action. It may be that not everyone wants to join to begin with, but interest will soon grow. The active participants will tell the others that their training generates definite results, and soon more and more will join. Concept 10 10 helps you sell the idea Obviously, the setting up of a corporate membership requires thorough discussion between employees and management, perhaps via the liaison committee, the staff club or at a dedicated staff meeting. Concept 10 10 provide free information brochures, and we also offer a free introductory session for your key employees to allow them to experience the efficiency of Concept 10 10 training for themselves.

We look forward to welcoming your company to Concept 10 10.

For further information or to make an appointment, please call us on: 239 431 7143