Unique Concept 10 10 workout requires unique breathing for optimal results

Concept 10 10 is a unique exercise and with it comes a different breathing technique than many people may have learned to use during their previous fitness activities.

Many members find it somewhat difficult to employ this breathing technique at first. However, once they learn how to breathe efficiently, they will soon find they can get the most out of their 20 minute weekly sessions and see better results.

Jorgen Albrechtsen, founder of Concept 10 10 and owner of the world headquarters location in North Naples, explains in this video how to perform this breathing technique and why it is important.

Breathing throughout the performance of each exercise should be continuous, natural and performed with an open mouth. Breathing should be through the mouth and several inhales and exhales will be taken with each movement at Concept 10 10 because the movements are so slow.

As the exercise becomes more difficult, you should deliberately breathe faster.

It is important to break the urge to hold your breath. Many weight lifters may do this by holding their breath while exerting or more precisely closing the glottis or vocal chords, getting a gulp of air in their lungs and then pushing against it. Often you see red faces and tense facial muscles when people are doing this. We DO NOT want this, as Jorgen Albrechtsen explains, because:

  • It raises blood pressure.
  • It raises intravascular pressure on the venous circulation and increases intra-thoracic pressure, which decreases venous return to the heart.
  • It provides an internal mechanical assist within muscle– which is why weight lifters will hold their breath to make record lifts. However, it undermines the Concept 10 10 goal of fatiguing the muscle, as it essentially short-circuits that process. So, not only is it potentially dangerous to do it, but it also prevents the muscle fatiguing and resulting growth factors we’re working to achieve.

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Fitness Explosion

I started to tell you about Concept 1010 in my last post, and since I just returned from my weekly session, I feel inspired to elaborate. I have been a workout fiend for years—both cardio and weight training have always been a part of my fitness routine.  As I got older, I kept up with it all, not just for fitness, but because I was terrified to quit as I felt certain that gravity would ankle-tackle me and dash every part of me to the ground that was not rock solid.

Concept 1010 has facilities all over the world, and the owner, who resides in Naples, was a guest on Bob’s (bobharden.com) radio show several times.  As a result, Bob became a sort of “guinea pig” to try Concept 1010.  He really liked it and encouraged me to try it.  Silly, I thought, having been schooled with the prevailing notion that at least one hour of cardio activity and weight training was needed to keep fit and toned.  Concept 1010 changed my mind.  This unique method of high-intensity training takes only 20 minutes per week. The sessions are one-on-one with a personal trainer in a private setting with no one else is in the room.  Having a routine that actually works and does not take hours is so liberating and allows more time for other pursuits, like my bread tour of Naples.

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