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Article Published October 2016

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villager-articalASK ANY TENTATIVE GYM-GOER FOR THEIR perfect exercise scenario and it might go a little something like this: Show up to a clean and well-equipped space with no other people in sight and an encouraging and knowledgeable personal trainer who will determine the exact exercises that are most beneficial to their specific needs… all in under half an hour.

Sound like a dream? It’s not. Founded in Europe more than a decade ago, Concept 10 10 is now offering its private personal training services to South Floridians, with locations in Naples and now Coral Gables. Focusing on quality equipment and efficient routines, Concept 10 10 continues to draw fans (and potential franchisees) from around the globe.

Concept 10 10 Comes to Coral Gables

Personal trainer Megan Barnes demonstrates the equipment that focuses on lower back strengthening.

Personal trainer Megan Barnes demonstrates the equipment that focuses on lower back strengthening.

While many exercise-conscious people spend time every day at the gym, squeezed in between work and their personal routine, a new concept offers better results with just 20 minutes a week.

Concept 10 10 recently opened its first location in South Florida in Coral Gables and offers one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer and special strength-building equipment.

The program is designed to have more effective but less frequent sessions. The program also is designed to target the lumbar muscles to strengthen them to reduce lower back pain.

Megan Barnes, one of the personal trainers at the Coral Gables location, explained the principle behind the program.

“What we do here is very unique hi-intensity training that focuses on a full body workout and strength training,” said Barnes. “With back pain that’s one of the reasons that we get a lot of members. We work with doctors and chiropractors all over the world and all of our equipment is scientifically based to adjust to our strength curve.

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Minute Gym – Business Observer

jorgen-business-observer-photoIf you hate clanking your way through endless repetitions at your gym day after day, then welcome to Jorgen Albrechtsen’s new concept.

A Danish entrepreneur, Albrechtsen’s endeavors ranged from karate gyms in the 1970s to Nautilus fitness centers through the 1990s. So he knows why people quit their exercise programs so easily.

Albrechtsen’s newest idea is Concept 10 10. The pitch is that you only need 20 minutes a week of one-on-one intense muscle training to be in great shape. “This is a place for people who don’t like gyms,” Albrechtsen says.

Customers can book 30-minute sessions with a personal trainer that include body measurements and an anaerobic workout using weight machines from which it takes a week to recover.

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