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Fentimans: Concept 10 10 fastest, most upscale fitness option in Naples

Concept 10 10 stands out among the seemingly endless fitness options in Southwest Florida where there are more gyms, added classes and new equipment and gimmicks added to the market daily. If you want something different and something you can count on that is backed by science and dozens of unpaid testimonials and endorsements from […]

Health and Fitness: A Balancing Act

They go together perfectly. But, just because you have peanut butter doesn’t mean you have jelly. The same is true with health and fitness. People often refer to health and fitness together as if the two are conjoined. It’s common to assume that one’s health increases along with one’s physical fitness level. However, it doesn’t […]

The runaround: You need not jog to be in top “cardio” health, Concept 10 10 members say

Marathons and triathlons abound South Florida at the beginning of the New Year. The Concept 10 10 training doesn’t include jogging, and, in fact, kind of discourages it. Nonetheless, many runners who are clients of Concept 10 10 said the workout is giving them a leg up come race time. Concept 10 10 training is the […]

Progression and intensity

Progression and intensity The first training session mostly focuses on the techniques and defining an approximate resistance for the member. Finding the right weight may take a few training sessions. Therefore, the member ought not to get disappointed over the possible lack of intensity in the first training session. It will occur when techniques and the […]

Physiology of Concept 10 10 Training

Physiology of Concept 10 10 Training An objective of Concept 10 10 resistance training is to create more tension in a muscle for a given workload. This is accomplished by decreasing the speed of movement. The amount of force or tension a muscle can develop during a muscle action is substantially affected by the rate of muscle shortening (concentric […]