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Minute Gym – Business Observer

If you hate clanking your way through endless repetitions at your gym day after day, then welcome to Jorgen Albrechtsen’s new concept. A Danish entrepreneur, Albrechtsen’s endeavors ranged from karate gyms in the 1970s to Nautilus fitness centers through the 1990s. So he knows why people quit their exercise programs so easily. Albrechtsen’s newest idea […]


Concept 10 10 Training is not only “OK” to perform during pregnancy; in my opinion it is the perfect preparation for pregnancy. It is so well suited to prepare for pregnancy that I feel it should become the “standard of care” for pre-partum and perinatal preparation. In certain exceptions such as pre-eclampsia or preterm labor […]

Did you know?

Nothing in the way of a stimulus is present to the body if the intensity of exercise is too low. On the end of the spectrum- exercises such as running, though they increase the stimulus for positive adaptation, can increase the chance of damage and injury. Harder work of muscles + shorter duration of activity= […]

LaDonna Roye: Doctor recommended Concept 10 10 and she’s down 1 pant size

Hairstylist LaDonna Roye has worked out at Concept 10 10 in North Naples since 2011. Her doctor recommended she try Concept 10 10 and she was quickly glad she did. The workout was perfect for LaDonna. It wasn’t intimidating and she only needed to do it for 20 minutes once per week! Watch LaDonna here […]

Unique Concept 10 10 workout requires unique breathing for optimal results

Concept 10 10 is a unique exercise and with it comes a different breathing technique than many people may have learned to use during their previous fitness activities. Many members find it somewhat difficult to employ this breathing technique at first. However, once they learn how to breathe efficiently, they will soon find they can […]